Top 8 reasons why use inflatable structures

Here's 8 of reasons why you should use Inflatable Structures rather than conventional structures :

Time to set-up

Inflatables structures take only a few minutes to be ready for use. And they are much more fun to assemble than a conventional structure !

Flexibility in design

You want your mascot to be the size of a king kong? You want your dome to be shaped like an animal? No worries! Surprise the audience with ever larger structures that are always fun to look at.


Giant when inflated, but tiny when not, the inflatables fit in a very small luggage!


Did you know that you can save enormously on the cost of transporting your structure? Thanks to their small size when deflated, they don't need to rent a large truck to get them where you want them!

Number of people in

Inflatables structures can be of any size and shape while conventional structuresrequire a standardization of sizes. Anything is possible with an inflatable !

Ground fixing

Inflatables structures are held in place by ballasts hidden in their structure. This means you save a lot of space!

Ressistance against high winds

Of course, inflatables structures are not rigid, so there is no risk of accidents or damage to the structure in the environment where you install it!


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